The corporate mission statement of Helmut Rübsamen

We see ourselves as a responsible member of society and are conscious of the responsibility we have for customers, business partners and employees. We want to shoulder this responsibility. Our codes of conduct, which form the framework for our corporate and social actions, are derived from this awareness.

The actions taken by the management of our company and those of our staff are driven by the guiding principles of individual responsibility, sincerity and loyalty, as well as our respect for others and for the environment. The management of the company bears a special responsibility for upholding these principles.

Together with our staff, the management strives for entrepreneurial success. In alignment with our principles of a medium-sized enterprise, we want to create a return on our economic activities that is sustainable and meets our business potential. We want to nurture the strengths and competitive advantages we have created over the years, and constantly measure our own demands in quality and performance against the absolute best.

As we stride towards a mutually successful future for our company we place particular emphasis on:

  • management that acts responsibly and exemplarily,
  • the skills, strength and commitment of our staff,
  • reliable social and political framework conditions,
  • and opportunities for scientific and technical advancement.

These guiding principles and the code of conduct derived from them should encourage all members of our company to act responsibly and independently.