When we talk about sheet metal...
            ... then we mean: Metal at its best!

Helmut Rübsamen GmbH

Over 55 years of experience in non-cutting metal machining. Highest competency in metal forming. Renowned clients in all key areas of industry. And every conceivable piece of machinery based around sheet metal machining. That is Helmut Rübsamen.

As an innovative supplier we have only one goal in sight: Our customers' advantage! We'll stake our lives on this - in development and construction, in our own tool and mould construction and with modern metal-forming plants.

Year for year millions of metal parts are made in our works in the heart of Germany's Westerwald. Pressing, stamping, deep-drawn pieces and dieformed parts are made from all workable metals, laser cuttings and welded assemblies: Steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminium or non-ferrous heavy metals. No shape is difficult for us, no customer requirement unusual.

Helmut Rübsamen GmbH & Co. KG - Carl Goerdeler Allee 6 - 56470 Bad Marienberg/Westerwald
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